Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Blog about Blogging

I don't know if everyone goes through this when they first discover blogging, but with the exception of my friend's blog Franciscan Focus I've never really been that familiar with blogs. I always thought they were something computer savvy people do. Then said friend convinced me to join Plurk and I met a lot of people, many of whom have blogs. It was AdoroTeDevote who, for whatever reason, inspired me to sign in and create a blog. I fully admit I'm, doing this the easy way, I don't know html, I don't know any codes, and apparently I don't know anything neat either. I discovered the "Next Blog" button, but couldn't find any blogs in English, and my French, alas, is nowhere near fluent. So how do you discover nifty blogs? I've figured out how to "follow" them if I find them... And what on earth am I doing this for anyways? I don't even have internet access at home! And really, how much blog reading can I do on my lunch hour... Then again, I did discover a great new read thanks to Catholic Bibliophagist. Well, my right arm and hand pain level just jumped to 7 on a scale of 1 - 10, so I'm going to take that as a sign to go do something else now.

I love the edit function... I have now discovered (at the end of my lunch when I have to put it on hold until another day) that by filling out my profile I can click on my interests and be directed to a list of bloggers with similar interests! O thrill, O joy! Now if only my arm would stop hurting when I clock back in.... Well, guess I'll be offering it up! For the next Cursillo I think.

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  1. To discover blogs...most have a link list on the side. I link to a bunch of great blogs, or you can go to my profile and see all the blogs I follow (I need to update my link list on my blog with many of my followed blogs). And you'll find one, then another, then another...etc. Ad infinitum!